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Wondrous Things

It seems that few people realize what a precious commodity we have in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. Consider that without these revelations from our God we would not know: this planet really came into existence (the secular cosmologist’s theory is certainly unsatisfying on several fronts).

...the nature of this God who made all things - merciful, gracious, compassionate, forgiving, faithful, full of lovingkindness, all the while being holy, just and opposed to all evil.

...that we are actually related to this God, being His offspring and made in His image.

...the reason why Death stalks every person, and troubles and heartache come into every life - SIN!

...the origin of the sin on this planet and the hopeless condition in which we find ourselves as a result - separated from our God and having no remedy for this situation!

...the eternal purpose and plan of God to save His offspring from the power of this sin because of His love for His children.

...the unfolding history of God’s rescue of humanity through the lives of certain people - Noah, Abraham & Sarah, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Elijah, Nehemiah, Mary, John, et al.

...the sacred mystery of the conception of Immanuel, God With Us.

...the life of Jesus of Nazareth - His teachings, ministry, miracles, crucifixion, resurrection.

...the meaning of Jesus’ cross and His rising from the dead.

...the appropriate response to Jesus’ sacrifice in order to avail ourselves of the grace of God given to us in Christ Jesus.

Without the Word of God, NONE of this would be known and a whole lot more! No wonder the psalmist exclaims: “Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things from Your law.”

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