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Jesus, No Politician

With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle on television, campaigning is virtually a year round activity. Those in office and those planning to run for an office are regularly jockeying for position, expressing opinions on virtually every issue in the public square and getting plenty of face-time on camera. But we can always recognize

the consummate politician. When pressed for specific answers to tough questions, they break out their high-sounding phrases, well-worn generalities and heartfelt expressions. But very little of substance is forth coming. I guess it’s always been that way.

Jesus, on the other hand, was certainly no politician. Not even close. He always said exactly what He meant to say and made His positions clear. He spoke the truth for all to hear, and each person was challenged to either accept or reject Him and what He had so say. He would not compromise on anything. That’s why He was loved and adored by some and absolutely hated by others. This ultimately paved the way to the cross.

In our text Jesus is speaking about His heavenly Father and asserts that He and His Father are one. The Jews who were listening to Him could not accept this because that made Him God. Of course, He was God! But He stood up to them and defended Himself from scripture against their charge of blasphemy while they were standing there with stones ready to kill Him.

It’s rather easy to be a politician. Don’t say much to offend anybody. Give indefinite and vague answers. Smile a lot. Kiss the babies and say nice things to everybody. On the other hand, if you have solid beliefs that stand for something, then you must be prepared for the crowd’s reaction. Christians are to stand for what their Master stood for - truth, love, righteous living and real good news.

There can be no compromise with the truth. There should be no over-reaching where there is room for opinion. There should always be love in abundance. And be ready to face the crowd.

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