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Thomas had missed Him. For some reason unknown to us, he had not been with the others when Jesus appeared the first time and showed them the evidences of His crucifixion to verify it was really Him. And when Thomas returned he would have none of their “witnessing” that they had seen the Lord.

He had to see Jesus for Himself. In eight days, Jesus afforded Thomas the opportunity which he wanted, not only to see Him but also to touch the prints of the nails in His hands and the hole in His side. Scripture indicates that this event was as much for you and me as it was for Thomas.

Thomas had wanted evidence, and evidence he received - so much so that he exclaimed, “My Lord and My God!” He was now convinced that Jesus was alive from the dead. And he and the other disciples would take that message to a lost and dying world.

But as we reflect on the evidence which Jesus gave to Thomas that it really was Him resurrected from the dead, we realize that those nailprints are evidence for much more.

Jesus’ nailprints affirm...

...that God cares about the human race.

...that God keeps His promises.

...that God takes sin seriously.

...that the words of the Bible are true.

...that Jesus truly became one of us.

...that ancient prophecies were fulfilled.

...that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

...that a person’s future is secure in Jesus.

...that our Lord will never forsake us.

...that God will forgive me of all my sins.

...that God really does love us.

Are you among those who have not seen yet have believed? God bless you! The nailprints are powerfully convincing.

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