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A Father's Wisdom

When we were children (Can you remember that far back?), our parents used to teach us, train us and warn us about the good and the bad in life. In short, they imparted to us their wisdom, and it came in many forms about many things. Drink your milk. Be careful of stray dogs. Brush your teeth. Don’t play with matches. Stay off the railroad tracks. Come straight home. Don’t fight with your brother. Tell the truth. Having your memory jogged you can recall others especially meaningful to you I’m sure. If we were blessed to become parents (even grandparents), we in turn passed on our parental wisdom to our children and continue to do so.

Taking this thought into the realm of our spiritual lives, we are reminded that we are our heavenly Father’s children, and that He continues to instruct us to the end of our days. Too many people, though, think that when they “become adults” and get out on their own that they no longer need guidance. Such thinking is a severe misunderstanding of the human condition and leads to numerous heartaches and problems as well as forfeiture of eternal hope.

God instructs us through Solomon (see our text) not to forget His teaching and to keep His commandments. He says that kindness and truth should be written on our hearts. Our trust must be completely in the Lord and not in our own understanding. We must acknowledge God in all our ways, fearing Him and turning from evil.

As children, we didn’t always listen to our parents, and we usually paid the price in more ways than one! My grandmother always said: “If they won’t listen, they’ll have to feel.” Hopefully we all learned from what we felt!

As children of God, He promises us great blessings if we follow His wisdom: years of life, peace, favor with God and man, and straight paths (relatively smooth and direct) as we travel through life. Learn to listen to your Father’s wisdom. It will keep you from feeling much of the evil that’s in the world.

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