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A Secluded Place

Do you have a secluded place where you can go to get away from it all?


We’re not necessarily talking about a literal place, although it could be. But you might live alone and have the whole place to yourself! We’re not talking about the very popular “me” time in which you grab your box of Cheez-its and cue up your favorite show via the DVR; or curl up in your chair with a cup of tea and your favorite novel; or luxuriate in your scented bath. Nope.

We’re talking about making opportunity for you to be alone with the Lord. Just you and Him.

In our text, the disciples had just returned from a circuit in which they had taught the gospel, healed, and cast out unclean spirits. Jesus recognized that they needed rest and called them to go away to a “secluded place.” There was just too much traffic where they were.

“Traffic” is usually our biggest problem in finding that secluded place. You know: TV, texting/phoning, social media (How many platforms are there now?), video games, zoom, internet shopping, kids, spouse... It’s a wonder any of us can think at all!

This isn’t about going to the assembly on Sunday morning no matter how needful that is.

It’s about being alone with your Savior and Lord. Just the two of you. A prayer. Some scripture. Then He looks you in the eye and says: “How are you doing?” Of course, He already knows, but He wants to know if you know. Now some confession. Sins. Failures. Fears. Concerns. Some rejoicing and thanksgiving for His blessings. A request for help with your weakness. Some requests for others. He offers some counsel, words of encouragement and assurances. Then, He takes His leave but reminds you He’s never far away. It’s a blessed time.

So, do you have a secluded place?

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