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Always Something To Do

If you’re like me, you prepare “To Do” lists. It seems like there is always so much to do that if you don’t write things down, they never get done! There are things to do for church. Things to do around the house. There is yard work. There are things to do on Saturday. I have three calendars because of all our appointments to keep and happenings to attend. It is never ending.

In our text, Jesus is “up to His neck” in things to do. The residents of Capernaum were bringing Him all their sick for healing and those possessed to be freed from the unclean spirits. It says “the whole city had gathered at the door.”

The next day, Jesus had risen while it was still dark and went off by Himself to pray. Later, the disciples came looking for Him with these words: “Everyone is looking for You.” More people wanted to be made well. But what does Jesus say? We need to go into neighboring towns so I can preach the gospel there also. We can’t just stay here. There is more to do in other places. Other people need to hear the gospel and be healed. For Jesus, the “to do” list was always full.

And so it is with the church today. There will always be people to minister to in some way. Someone will be sick or having an operation. Someone will be having marital difficulties. Someone will lose their job. Somebody needs to hear the gospel. Somebody needs a visit. Someone requests special prayers. Someone will have trouble with a child. Somebody will start drifting down the path of some sin. Someone wants some questions answered about the Bible. Someone will end up in jail. Somebody has been absent for three weeks. Someone will cross over. We follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We just need to be ready, and not grow weary in doing good.

On some Saturdays, I get to cross off everything on my “to do” list. It’s a good feeling. Mission accomplished. Then about that time Shirley says, “Next Saturday, we need to...” Oh, well.

><> Jeff

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