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An Abundant Life

“...I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” As the Good Shepherd, Jesus spoke these words to assure His flock that He will protect them from enemies and also provide for their needs. Even though Jesus will lay down His life for the sheep and thus give them opportunity for eternal life, His words also affirm that He wants His disciples to have an abundant life while they live on the earth. And if He wants us to experience such a life, He will help us live that life to the full.

So... like you don’t need the money. like you don’t need the time.

...hug like you can’t let go. like nobody’s watching.

...sing like nobody’s listening.

...forgive like you’ve not been hurt.

...listen like you know nothing.

...speak like you have words worth hearing.

...rejoice like your future is guaranteed.

...pray like you’ll get what you ask for.

...worship like God is in the room. like you know a secret.

...laugh like you can’t help it.

...cry like it’s the last time.

...sleep like you have no cares.

...give like you have too much.

...receive like you have nothing at all. like God loves you.

...plan like you have all year. like there is no tomorrow.

...proclaim like Somebody’s coming.

><> Jeff

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