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An Everlasting Love

Without controversy, the understanding of what love is among people today is varied and often far removed from the love taught in the Bible. Out in the world, love is often nothing more than romance and the feeling of excitement which accompanies it. This idea is reflected in some wedding vows which use an expression like “as long as love shall last.” For some, love is an attraction of two people simply for mutual benefit. For others, love is seen as caring when someone is in need. The

re would be nearly as many opinions and views as there are people.

We readily acknowledge that love defies any simple definition. Nowhere do the scriptures attempt to define love, but characteristics and examples of love are provided so that we might get a comprehensive view of this vital dimension of life. When the Spirit says that “God is love” (1 John 4:8), we are pointed to the nature and actions of God Himself to unveil the meaning of agape.

One of the central characteristics of love (which separates its true meaning from human concepts) is provided for us by the prophet Jeremiah. When Israel was in her final days and many of Jerusalem’s inhabitants had already been carried away to Babylon, God speaks to His people through Jeremiah and affirms that they shall return from captivity and God would build her again. This is because God loves them “with an everlasting love.”

Love which is true and real reflects the love of God - it is everlasting. It is a love which perseveres in good times and in bad. It continues when it is hurt and keeps pouring out good on its enemies. It is ever available to provide comfort, encouragement and shelter. It is undeterred by rejection and stands ready to forgive and to welcome back the wayward and the betrayer. It is a love which is faithful in all the storms, celebrations and seasons of life.

Father, we pray that our love for You and for one another might become like your love for us - an everlasting love.


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