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Another New Year

Well another year is upon us. We could write another piece about making resolutions, but if you are a Christian, you should be continuously reevaluating your walk with Jesus and making changes. Peter’s words about growing “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” are not tied to certain times of the year. Christians are regularly dispensing with “the old” (the sinful, the wasteful, the unfruitful, the childish, the selfish, the lackluster, etc.) and putting on “the new” (the righteous, the fruitful, the God-honoring, the holy, the mature, the whole-hearted, etc.). It is simply a way of life, the Way of Christ.

Let’s pause to reflect on two things about the past year.

First, how did the Lord bless you last year?

•Did you have food to eat? Clothes to wear? A place to sleep?

•Did you have good health? When you had an illness or surgery, did God provide and bring you through it?

•Did the Lord answer your prayers?

•Did the Father forgive the sins you confessed to Him and of which you repented?

•Did the Holy Spirit guide you?

•Did God rescind any of His promises He has made to you?

Second, how did you, in turn, bless others?

•Did you help feed and clothe others?

•Did you visit, comfort and pray for the sick?

•Did you get reconciled to that person whom you were distant from but should not have been?

•Were you in prayer for all men and especially the saints?

•Did you teach anyone about Jesus and His gospel?

•Did you stand for righteousness and oppose evil?

Such an exercise will help us reflect upon some critical realities of the past year as we move into 2020. What did you see?

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