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"Awake, Sleeper!"

“Excuses are a dime a dozen.” We’ve all heard that one. How about this one? - “Excuses are little lies we tell when we don’t want to tell the truth.” Hmmm? When Moses was called by the Lord on Mount Sinai to lead His people out of Egypt, Moses was reluctant to go and offered his excuses. “I’m just an ordinary guy and not qualified to do this.” (Ex 3:11). “If I show up in Egypt in front of all those people, who will I say sent me to do this great thing?” (Ex 3:13). “What if they won’t believe me?” (Ex 4:1). “I’m not an eloquent speaker. You need a good talker for this task.” (Ex 4:10).

Then Moses finally told the truth. “Please, Lord, send somebody else to do this. Anybody.” (Ex 4:13). In other words, Moses finally admitted that he just didn’t want the job! Period.

People are no different today. We all offer our excuses when we don’t want to do something. Our “little lies” are a smokescreen for the truth, which is usually: “I don’t want to do it.”

We’ve all offered them. Do any of these sound familiar?

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