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Can We Know What God Knows?

Sometimes we humans lose sight of the fact that we are “on the earth” and “God is in heaven” (Ecclesiastes 5:2). In other words, we need to be reminded that we are the creature and the Lord God is the Creator. We are dust, and He is spirit. Though made in the image of God, we are not God! You will probably say: “I know all that.” Well and good, but sometimes we act as though we don’t. We look around us at the various problems and evils in the world and wonder what on earth God is doing. Now it’s good to ponder and consider the happenings in life in light of scripture, but when we begin to think that we could fathom all that God is doing and why He’s doing it, we start to overstep boundaries.

The Lord speaks through the prophet Isaiah of His ways and thoughts being higher than ours, even as high as the heavens are above the earth. That’s really high. He even states that His thoughts and ways aren’t even the same as ours! Why is this the case, if we are made in God’s image? Two things come to mind.

First, the capacity of the human brain (mind) is highly inadequate to grasp all that God knows. Although marvelous creations of God, we are still human beings endowed with sufficient capacity to know what we need to know in this life, but unable to approach to the vastness nor depth of all the knowledge of God.

Second, sin has corrupted our ways of thinking. We often fail to consider this or even to accept it. Our presuppositions and prejudices cloud our thinking. We tend to play favorites, our most favorite being our self. Lusts and passions (i.e. fear, anger, sadness, greed, etc.) get in the way of clear understanding.

So Paul writes: “Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and unfathomable His ways!” (Romans 11:33)

As it is, the Lord has given us more to learn in this life than we can possibly absorb. Be thankful that God knows all things. Let God be God, and you be you.

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