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Darwin or God?

            Despite the discoveries in microbiology, DNA and elsewhere, many people continue to hold to Darwin’s theory of evolution.  The full title of his book is “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”  If we think carefully about it, even the title of Darwin’s book contains a “poison pill” which sinks his theory in the primordial soup.

            When creationists and evolutionists have their “discussions,” it is almost always about the “how” of things.  How did we get to have all of the different species of animals, birds, etc., and ultimately humankind.  The creationist maintains all were created by a transcendent, loving and powerful God as given in the Bible.  God created them whole, complete and living.

            The evolutionist posits some singular event that happened billions of years ago in which the right combination of chemicals and whatever came together to form a “living” cellular structure of some kind.  From that point, through Darwin’s “natural selection,” things evolved from one stage to the next to eventually produce the various species.  This is an incredibly long, slow and drawn out process.

            But my thought here is not on the “how” of all of this, but the “why.”  Nobody ever seems to address the “why.”

            Consider “natural selection.”  Supposedly, this is a continual series of random mutations through which the most fit variant is retained and the rest discarded or die off.  Now, we should have some questions at this point.  Even though Darwin calls it “natural selection,” there is nothing to do any selecting.  What would it be?  If there is no mind of any kind to say that this variant is better than that one, why is one “favored” or “chosen” over another?  In fact, what is there to determine that survival is better than extinction?  It’s like standing at night, in the forest, without a map, where a dozen trail heads begin and wondering which one will get you to that cabin with warm blankets and a hot meal.  It’s just pure chance.  In fact, there is nothing at all to say that the cabin is where you want to go!  Hmmm?

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