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It was the strangest feeling. Halfway up the I-470 hill, I realized I had forgotten my phone. It was a feeling of emptiness, being alone, even a little scary. Years ago, we thought nothing of traveling around without a mobile phone. We didn’t even know what they were - something out of a Dick Tracy comic. Now we can’t leave home without them! They do serve some good purposes.

Anyway, I was on the way to my usual fellowship breakfast, as I’ll call it, and I always text Shirley to let her know I’ve arrived safely. Well, no phone - no text. I prayed she wouldn’t panic and would see my phone still left on charge. She did - eventually - but not after some tense moments and a text to my fellow “breakfaster” to see if I had made it. Neither one of us liked being disconnected from the other.

Similarly, the Lord does not want us to be disconnected from Him. He has a “wireless” service which is always accessible. The password is easy to remember - Jesus. He wants us to call anytime. To Jeremiah He promised: “Call to Me and I will answer you...”

Prayer is for our benefit, not God’s. He knows the danger for us to be disconnected from Him, and so He makes Himself available morning, noon and night. As our heavenly Father, He knows the problems we face, the trouble we can get into, and the various needs we have. He is always on call.

Sadly, many Christians go through their day without being connected to the Lord. They just plow ahead without requesting guidance from the Almighty, struggle with problems by themselves, and fall flat when the Tempter comes around. It’s no wonder they feel frustrated and alone in their daily walk. They have not bothered to connect with their heavenly Father.

Every day, get connected with the Lord. Stay connected. Just a short call here and there to keep in touch and hear that reassuring voice on the other end: “I’m so glad you called. What’s up?”

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