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Everlasting Kingdom

When I was in high school (sometime last century), I read a historical novel set in the days of the Roman empire which really captivated my mind. I don’t remember the title of the book, but the author painted a glorious picture of Rome and emphasized the good aspects of the Roman system (There was much which was good about Rome, but also a great deal which was quite bad.). This particular book came to a close with Rome being driven from the British Isles by their native peoples. This upset me quite a bit, and I remember asking my mother why the Roman empire had not continued to that day. I don’t remember her answer, but I know now that the answer to my question lay in the scriptures.

In Daniel 7, we read of Daniel’s vision of four beasts which represented four kingdoms. The fourth beast is easily identified with the Roman empire which was destroyed and whose dominion was taken away primarily because of its persecution of “the saints of the Highest One” (vv 11, 21, 25-26). The Lord God did not allow it to continue because of its corrupting wickedness (Revelation 18:1-20).

But Daniel, as he struggled with understanding what he saw in the visions, is shown “one like a Son of Man” receiving dominion, glory and a kingdom - one which shall not be destroyed (vv 13-14). This is Christ Jesus whose kingdom began in the days of Roman rule. Later on, Daniel is also told (v 27) that the people of God will have a share in this kingdom. This is the kingdom of God which is manifestly revealed today in the church of Christ Jesus. This kingdom is “an everlasting dominion” which “will not be destroyed.”

No earthly kingdom has received such a sure future from God. Not Babylon. Not Rome. Not the Ottoman empire. Not the British empire. Not the Third Reich. Not the United States. God has set the times and boundaries of all earthly peoples (Acts 17:26), but the kingdom of His Son will have no boundary nor end. This is the only kingdom with a sure future. And what a future that is!!

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