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Father, Forgive Us

1 John 1:8-10

Father, forgive us...

...for we walk in our own ways too often and think that we know better for ourselves than You do. We have ignored parts of Your word, those parts which are more difficult and demanding which require greater sacrifice and humility while congratulating ourselves for keeping other parts which come more easily for us.

...for in too many instances we are poor stewards of the gifts which You have placed at our disposal. We have wasted and mismanaged. We have expended too much time and too many resources on ourselves and not enough on those around us. We have let parts of your work suffer through our selfishness and neglect.

...for we have at times stood distant from those struggling with sin and the onslaughts of the devil and have failed to supply any comfort or support. We have judged them as being weak in faith, when in fact the burdens they bear and the battles they fight may be of such proportions that we would collapse if we were in their shoes.

...for we have at times loved the world more than You, and walked in fear of our enemies and in fear for our lives, afraid of what we might lose if we stood up for the truth and what is right. We have not allowed the gospel of Jesus Christ to shine out of us nor allowed Your Holy Spirit to lead us. We have rather trusted in ourselves than in Your power and grace working in us.

...for we have treated this relationship with You and Your Son Jesus as nothing more than a ritualistic exercise performed in a building rather than a sacred fellowship between Creator and creature, a covenant between Master and servant. We have seen our lives and our re-created selves still as belonging to us rather than seeing ourselves as Your workmanship designed for Your glory.

Father, have mercy on us all. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

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