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For Christian Parents

Being a parent is a difficult task. Being a Christian parent in today’s world is a monumental undertaking which requires divine assistance! With the teaching of God’s word, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and a multitude of prayers, Mom and Dad can rear their children in the ways of the Lord. Here’s a few questions to help out.

1) - Is Jesus truly the Lord of your home? Do your kids know that?

2) - Do you pray with your children when the situation calls for it?

3) - Do you as Mom and Dad pray together about the task you have in bringing up your children?

4) - Are God and the Lord Jesus honored in your home before your children? E.g.: “God has blessed us with a sunny day today.”

5) - Do you as Dad and Mom consult the scriptures when it comes to teaching and disciplining your children?

6) - Do your children see the fruit of the Spirit in your lives. E.g.: Do you show kindness, keep your word, have a joyful demeanor, avoid angry outbursts, freely forgive, etc.?

7) - Are church assemblies and Bible studies a customary part of your weekly schedule?

8) - Do you take advantage of “teaching moments” to show how God’s word applies to everyday life?

Remember, the devil is out to destroy your family, ruin your children’s lives, and keep them from eternal life.

><> Jeff

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