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Getting Back Together

For some time now in our ministry meeting, we brothers have been discussing (and praying), about what our congregation ministries, Bible studies, etc. should be as we move out of this pandemic. In considering the will of God as revealed in His word, we have agreed that we have done some things well, some things not so well, and some other things hardly at all. It seems like this is a good time to refocus on what the Lord has revealed in scripture for us to be about and how to move further in the direction of becoming the people He wants us to be. We are looking for your feedback, so we’re going to share the scriptures which we have been considering.

1) Matthew 28:18-20 - How have we been doing at proclaiming the gospel and making disciples? How can we do better?

2) Romans 12:1-8 - Are you being given opportunities to use your gifts and talents? Would you like some help in discovering and using your talents?

3) Ephesians 4:11-16 - How have we been doing in training and equipping ourselves to serve and do the work of the Lord? In what areas would you like to be trained to serve?

4) 1 Thessalonians 5:14 - How good a job do we do in supporting our weaker brothers and sisters? How can we improve?

5) 2 Timothy 2:2 - How well are we training our brothers for leadership and teaching roles in the church and family? How can we do better?

6) 2 Peter 3:18 - Do you see yourself growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior? What else do you need?

Please read and consider these words of the Lord prayerfully. Let one of the elders, deacons or minister know your thoughts. We want to be pleasing to Him in all things as we go forward.

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