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God's Love

God’s love for mankind is an incredible thing. This is an understatement. It can be observed throughout the scripture record and especially affirmed in the New Testament. The source of this love is God Himself for “God is love.” Let’s examine this a little.

Since God is love, love becomes the primary motive for all that He does. It is the driving force behind his will and purposes on the earth for mankind. Love is about relationships. If there is no one to love, then love cannot function. Thus, we observe that God creates Adam and Eve, the first people, and lavishes His love on them. He places them in a paradise with everything they could possibly need, even fellowship with Him. Alas, they did not return that love.

However, their actions did not stop God from loving them nor their offspring. Through His promises and providence, He brings a Savior into the world, born of a woman to save humanity from its sin and reckless folly. And wonder upon wonder, not only is there a saving but a granting of an eternal life through this Savior Jesus. Paradise restored. O the depth of God’s love!

In reflecting upon this (as well as other things we know), we confess that we do not deserve God’s love. Each one of us has disobeyed the voice of God and trampled on His commandments. We have pursued our own ways and spurned His love. We deserve the death of which the word speaks.

Should we recognize and admit our failings, we are helpless to earn God love. We are condemned as sinners with no way to rid ourselves of the curse. But, behold! God has not stopped loving us! Even in our rebellious state, His love is strong as He waits patiently for us to come to the cross for the forgiveness and healing which we need so desperately. Behold the power and depth of God’s love.

When we begin to truly grasp this, we start to change. “We love, because He first loved us.” God’s love has the power to transform us! Praise our God. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

><> Jeff

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