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Good and Evil

People continue to amaze us day in and day out. On the one hand, we observe acts of heroism and deeds of self-sacrifice for the good of others. Firemen continue to rush into burning structures to make rescues. Men and women in blue still run toward the danger in order to save lives and subdue evil doers. Nurses and doctors suit up and go in where a pandemic proliferates to provide relief and healing. We could go on. On the other hand, we hear of all sorts of evil being perpetrated every day. Drug dealers continue to sell death. People murder other people seemingly indiscriminately. Men and women, boys and girls, are trafficked for sex. Communist China has the Uyghur population enslaved in indoctrination camps.

Nowhere is this stark contrast of the capacity of humanity to do both good and evil than in the current warfare on Ukraine.

There was an unprovoked attack on a peaceful country. There is indiscriminate shelling of civilian targets - apartment buildings, schools, hospitals. Women and children have been killed. People are maimed. Food and water are scarce. Many have no power, no heat. Millions have fled to neighboring countries. Families are broken and separated. Tears of grief and fear flow freely.

But in the face of all this evil, good is responding. The president of Ukraine has stood forth as a man of courage to rally his people with hope against the aggressor. Men and women are taking up arms to fight for their freedom. Neighboring countries are receiving the refugees and providing for their needs. Many nations are responding with food, medical supplies and weapons. Individuals are opening up their wallets to provide help. Prayers abound.

We marvel that such a range of good and evil can come from the same humanity when all are made in the image of God. The influences for both good and evil are many and powerful. Nobody has all the answers to this complex conundrum. We all get to choose. Keep telling the truth and praying that people choose wisely.

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