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Grace Isn't Fair

Job laments that some people die in the prime of life having known ease and plenty while other die in bitterness having never known any measure of prosperity (21:23-26). Solomon’s notes on life record that the righteous die off while the wicked man prolongs his days (Ecclesiastes 7:15). Others echo the same sentiments. Deep down in your heart you, also, know it’s true - life isn’t fair.

For some reason, though, we continue to expect that things will change and that amidst all the underhandedness, power plays and plain wickedness some sense of fairness will begin to rule on earth. But God’s word cautions that as long as we live on a cursed planet among sinners of all stripes, such fairness will never become the norm but be a highlight in a parade of evil doings.

However, God has not left us without hope. As we struggle with the unfairness of life and cringe and grieve at its outcomes, we lose sight of this monumental fact - grace isn’t fair!

Paul reminds us that the grace which brought about our salvation was in no way fair either. He reminds us that we were dead in trespasses and sins, following the world and the devil himself. Such a condition clearly demonstrates our guilt and warrants a guilty verdict before God’s judgment seat. The penalty is death - eternal destruction.

Perhaps we’ve heard the gospel so many times that it has ceased to humble us. Maybe we’ve allowed the cross of Christ to become common fare to our ears. Have we begun to think that we deserve saving?! Paul’s words reverberate with wonder - “by grace you have been saved.” This is favor which rises up out of God’s love and stands against the just and fair verdict of guilty which falls on the head of each and every person.

Praise God, this grace isn’t fair! And that’s what makes it grace! And that’s why the whole world needs to hear of the cross of Jesus Christ which still brings grace into a world riddled with unfairness.

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