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Grumblers and Complainers

Have you ever been around a continual grumbler or complainer? Most of us have encountered such individuals at some point. Perhaps you have one in your life right now. Maybe it’s you!

With grumblers and complainers nothing is ever good enough, nice enough, long enough, enough enough! Vacation is too short. The paycheck is too small. The bill is too much. The boss is too demanding. The spouse just “doesn’t understand.” It’s the old: “I’d complain, but nobody would listen.” (How juvenile is this old saw?)

The Holy Spirit has a good bit to say about grumblers and complainers. None of it is good. In a nutshell: don’t grumble or complain. Even without too much thinking, we can understand why such behavior is not pleasing to God.

First, those who complain see their glass as “half-empty.” They always look at the negative or what they think they lack. Rarely do they see the countless blessings which the Lord has already showered upon them. Whether daily food, decent health, family, a job, or such gifts as prayer, salvation, the church, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures, etc. - these are never enough and are not appreciated.

Second, even when grumblers do have a legitimate problem, they rarely do anything to make it better. They aren’t working on solutions because to them their problems are caused by something or someone else. The world is against them. So, they just complain.

Third, grumblers and complainers have an unfavorable effect on other people. When their complaint is uttered, it’s like a slap on the cheek. You hesitate to sympathize with them since you don’t have the complete picture. If you don’t sympathize, they might view you as uncaring. Even your word of encouragement doesn’t penetrate their bristly exterior. It’s just a whole negative atmosphere.

Don’t be a complainer. Consider your blessings and thank the Lord for them. Work on your problems with His help. Learn to be a blessing by encouraging and helping others. Be like Jesus.

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