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"I'll Have Lions with That"

Most of us are familiar with the account of Daniel in the lions’ den. Daniel was getting along famously even after the Medes under Darius took over the empire from the Babylonians. This was, of course, because Daniel continued to serve the Most High God and trust Him with his life. In due time, because of his very excellent work record, Daniel was in line to be placed over the entire kingdom right under King Darius. This, naturally, provoked jealousy in Daniel’s political rivals and co-workers so they tried to find some complaint with Daniel’s work, but none could be found. So, they decided to bring him down through his religious beliefs.

These jealous “no-goods” duped the King through flattery into signing a law that no one could make petition to any god or man for thirty days save to the King himself. Darius fell for it, and the law was passed which according to the ways of the Medes and Persians could not be altered in any way nor rescinded. Then these unscrupulous fellows lay in wait to catch Daniel praying to his God.

Daniel, despite knowing full well the law which had been passed and its penalty (a night with the lions), did what he always did - he prayed to God. He was caught in the act which was in violation of the new law, and Darius was forced to put Daniel into the den of lions. We know the outcome - God sent an angel to shut the lions’ mouths and Daniel was preserved.

Too often when we read this narrative, we only focus on God’s rescuing Daniel, which is the thrust of the story. But we tend to overlook the important lesson of how Daniel came to be in the lions’ den in the first place. Daniel would rather face the lions than give up praying to God for even thirty days! Now that is a lesson for us.

Just how much do we value being able to talk with our heavenly Father? How much? Do we realize how necessary and how precious it is to pray to our God. Would you “face the lions” so you could keep praying? The day may be coming. Keep praying!


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