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In the Beginning

True science and the Bible will always agree. Scientists and theologians will not. Take, for example, the origin of our universe.

Over the years, different theories have existed among scientists about the origin of the universe, but today, for the most part, science has accepted the idea that the universe did in fact have a beginning. This position is generally known as the “big bang” theory. For the theologian, no question arose as to the origin of the universe. The Bible was quite plain: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” There was most definitely a beginning.

The debate continues today for the scientist would have us believe that the universe sort of “self-generated,” while the theologian tells us that a loving, all-powerful and eternally existing Supreme Being brought it into existence. Let’s take a brief look.

The big bang theory begins with an infinitesimally small bit of highly compacted matter (often called the singularity). The reasons given for the existence of this bit of matter are sheer speculation. Then, for no known reason, this bit of matter explodes, and the fragments expand in all directions into space, gradually slowing and condensing into stars and planets. Then on one planet, by blind luck, the conditions for life come together and a living cell begins to function. From this one cell, all life, plant and animal, evolves without any direction. All of this is by pure chance.

The biblical explanation has a loving Creator God creating a space called the heavens with a planet Earth which He fashions to support life. He fills the heavens with the sun, moon and stars which all serve the Earth and its inhabitants. Then He makes plant life and creatures of all sorts to live in the seas, the air and on land. Finally He makes human beings in His image. His plan is to live among them for a while and offer them life everlasting.

Both beginnings are incredible. Which do you find to be more credible?

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