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Innocent Blood

Let’s say that you had a canvas on an easel in some corner of your home, and you had begun painting a scene on that canvas. You had laid in some background, hills and trees, and were just starting to put in the little cottage which was to be the centerpiece of your picture. Let’s say I came into your home and grabbed the canvas, broke the frame, threw it on the floor and stomped all over it. Would you be upset with me for destroying your painting?

Let’s say that you had started to make your Mom’s recipe for lasagna. You had all the noodles boiled and had begun layering them in the pan with the cheese and her special blend of sausage and seasonings. Let’s say I came into your kitchen and took the pan and dumped out its contents onto the floor. Would you be upset with me for ruining your lasagna?

Let’s say that you had poured the footer and the concrete floor for your new garage. You had laid up the cement block and had it almost framed up. Let’s say I came over to your place with a bulldozer, knocked the whole thing flat and ran my dozer all over it. Would you be upset with me for demolishing your garage?

Let’s say that you were putting in a vegetable garden. You had planted seed and set out some seedlings. The beans were up, and so were the peas, carrots, and lettuce. The peppers were taking root. Let’s say I came over to your yard and dug up all the plants, piled them in a heap, poured gasoline on them and burned them all. Would you be upset with me for wiping out your garden?

Let’s say that God had begun carefully and lovingly to create a child in its mother’s womb. He had fashioned its various parts and was knitting them all together: a tiny head, hands, feet and body. The heart was beating the rhythm of life. He was weaving it ever so intricately to be a one of a kind masterpiece of human life. Let’s say a doctor intruded into God’s workshop and tore that little body limb from limb and dragged those parts out of its mother. Do you think God would be upset about the killing of His baby?

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