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"It" People

Do you have any “it” people in your life? I hope not. “What is an ‘it’ person?” you ask. An “it” person is someone you treat like a thing rather than a person. It’s quite easy to do. Let’s illustrate.

We all have certain things in our lives which we use and expect to work when we want to use them: lawn mowers, televisions, garage door openers, computers, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, automobiles, etc. When we pull the cord, flip the switch, turn the key, push the button, we expect them to work. If they don’t, we often get irritated - sometimes very irritated. We might fume a little, utter a few “choice” words or even make a little scene. “Stupid thing,” we mutter.

Let’s consider your internet service when you get the message: “Unable to connect to the internet” or “Server not found” or that little circle just keeps spinning away. You know what’s coming. You check all of your connections. You do a restart. Maybe a reboot. Nothing works. So you call your provider and after 14 minutes of trying to find a menu selection which will let you speak to a real person and listening to numerous assurances that they are truly glad that you are their customer, you hear a voice on the other end. But then, it’s checking your address, phone and account number. Finally, “How can I help you?” (Seriously?)

The person on the other end can quickly become an “it” person. They exist solely to resolve your problem. They can have no feelings. They should have no personality - no joking, chit-chat. They can’t be having a bad day or be affected by any personal problems. They exist only to cater to you. Hopefully they resolve your problem.

“It” people. The grocery checker, the auto mechanic, the sales associate at Big-Mart, the bank teller, the person at the drive thru - “Just do what you have to do so I can get on with my life.”

“In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you...” No room for “it” people here. I think we can safely say that Jesus never met an “it” person. Not a one.


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