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Jesus or ....?

To some extent or another, all of the gospel writers include this in their account of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. His custom had been to release for the Jews during the feast of the Passover one prisoner whom he had been holding. This was to demonstrate his good faith toward them and thereby help keep them pacified.

When Jesus was brought before Pilate, the chief priests stirred up the crowd against Him. When Pilate asked whom they wanted released, they shouted for Barabbas. (We are told he had committed murder in an insurrection and was a robber by trade.) Pilate knew that Jesus had done nothing worthy of death, but after much insistent shouting by the crowd, he gave in to their will and released Barabbas.

The crowd chose Barabbas over Jesus.

They chose a murderer over a Man who had given life to many.

They chose a man of the world over a Man of God.

They chose a robber over a Man who had freely given of Himself.

They chose the person that others had told them to choose rather than the Person which their own common sense, rational thinking, and conscience should have guided them to choose.

As Christians, we are all challenged on a regular basis to make similar choices. It’s called temptation in all its subtle forms.

Do I choose to smile or wear my normal grumpy look?

Do I choose “St Mattress by the Springs” on Sunday morning or the assembly of the saints?

Do I choose to go to “that” website or shut it down?

Do I choose to offer my help or look the other way?

Do I choose to reply with loud, harsh words or with something calm and measured?

Do I choose wisdom or foolishness?

Do I choose the evil or the good?

Do I choose Jesus or ???

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