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Maintaining Balance

Recently, I purchased a three-book series detailing the history of the United States’ involvement in the European theater of World War II - over 1500 pages in all. World War II has been of great interest to me as far back as I can remember. We could speculate on why. Because Dad was an infantryman in the war? He told a few stories. Because there were a lot of movies and documentaries about the war when I was growing up? Because I built models of tanks and airplanes as a boy? Because I always liked history? Can such a thing be in your genes? Who can know for sure?

Here’s my point. I could take that trilogy with my morning coffee and afternoon tea and go sit on the deck or in my recliner and let the world go by. I could be fully absorbed in them.

Why does a person have a passion for anything? Flower gardening? Fishing? Knitting? Golf? Quilting? Video games? Running? Baking? Movies? Woodworking? Puzzles? Guns? Cars? Astronomy? Sports? Antiques? Et al......

Where is this going? I said I could take those books and disappear with them, BUT I DON’T! Why is that? Because the Lord has also blessed me with a love for Him and a love for the people in my life. And I can say, by His grace, that I love Him and my wife, my children, my grandchildren, the rest of my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, my friends, etc. more than those history books.

What we are talking about is maintaining the proper balance in life. We all have certain things we really enjoy doing. Paul wrote that God “richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.” And so we should, for they are gifts from God. But John cautions (1 John 2:15-17) “Do not love the world nor the things in the world...” Things and activities and passions in life can consume us, drawing us away from the greatest blessings: our Savior and the people in our lives.

So go ahead and curl up with that novel; grab your fishin’ pole; or whatever. But remember, these are gifts from your God.

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