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Merciful God

Discussions about the “attributes” of God often focus on His omnipotence, omniscience, omni-presence, etc. We need to remember that God is a “whole” being, and any such discussion must include His inner person. One prominent characteristic of God found throughout scripture is His mercy. David writes that “...His mercies are over all His works” and that “He has not dealt with us according to our sins” (see Psalm 103:8-14). Without the mercies of God we are all lost.

When you forget about praying or reading the Word, He forgives you. When you are sullen and moody, and make others feel unwelcome, He forgives you. When you play your little games with your spouse to get under their skin, He forgives you. When you spend such time at the lake, in your garden, at the mall, in the fairway or even at work that you neglect the spiritual, He forgives.

When you go into one of your tirades, He forgives. When you open your mouth with cutting words or gossip, He forgives. When you keep your mouth closed when you should speak up for the Lord, proclaim the gospel or rebuke the lie, He forgives.

When you spend your money on worthless stuff and worldly pursuits, He forgives you. When you keep too much for yourself and don’t give enough to the Lord or for the needy, He forgives.

When you stay home on the Lord’s day for no good reason, He forgives. When your worship is half-hearted, your prayers lukewarm, and your singing mechanical, He forgives.

When you are puffed up because of your knowledge and self-righteousness, He forgives. When you lust and lie and complain and covet and strut and judge, He forgives.

When your faith is iffy, and your love shallow, He forgives.

In Christ Jesus, God forgives us. He delights in forgiving. He is merciful. Let us trumpet His mercies, but let us also learn to fear Him. Let us not presume upon His mercies. We must truly repent and acknowledge all of our failings. Unless He forgives us, we are lost.


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