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Mothers Are From God

God presents Himself to us as masculine. He is our heavenly Father. When the Word became flesh, He came as a male - Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God and the Son of Man. But let’s not make the mistake of thinking that the female side of the human race just dropped out of the sky or evolved on its own. On the sixth day, God made Eve from Adam’s rib and gave her the qualities of female humanity. He made her to be a woman and a mother. And note this well: All of these female qualities and characteristics came from the person of God. He did not invent them for Eve, but imbued her with them from His own self. Consider these scriptures which depict God doing things for Israel which we normally associate with mothers.

In Isaiah 66:7-14, the Lord speaks of Himself in two ways regarding the giving of birth. First, He is the one who gives birth to a land or a nation, and second, He is the one who also brings about the birth of children in the womb. This is very much female activity.

The Lord is seen to be the one to nurse Israel in a time when she is in need of sustenance. Certainly fathers can’t do this, but a broader picture is presented in scripture of God providing food for His people. Usually this is a task which a mother takes upon herself.

Here we also see that the Lord comforts His people in this time of turmoil. “As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you...” It’s usually mom to whom we run when we are hurting and in tears.

But there is also cheerful care and constant assurance. “ will be carried on the hip and fondled on the knees.” Other translations have dandled or bounced. Isn’t this what mothers do?

Then from Jeremiah 30:16-17, it is the Lord who heals wounds and restores Jacob to health. This has mothers written all over it! They are the ones who examine the wounds and apply the ointment and the bandages.

Mothers are indeed from God!

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