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No Margin for Error

Some people court trouble. I’m sure you’ve been around some of them. (Maybe you are one.) They leave “no margin for error” in what they do. It’s apparent in the little things as well as the big things in their lives.

They are folks who zoom up to the stop sign and jam on the brakes at the last moment. (What if you have a brake problem or the road is the least bit slippery?) They tailgate and weave in and out of traffic. They roar into the parking lot like it’s a highway. What if...?

Then there are those who are borrowed to the hilt. They have no savings, no financial cushion. If something major happens...?

Some people leave no margin for error in their marriages. They have pushed their relationship to the limit. No good communication, no compromise, no forgiveness, no real love. If something serious occurs...?

Others dabble in sinful and questionable practices. Porn. Gambling. Illegal drugs. Just a step away from...?

When you live your life on the edge with no margin for error, you invite not only trouble but even catastrophe.

Paul writes concerning our spiritual living that we should not live on the edge and leave the door open for sin. In writing to the church at Rome, he admonishes: “make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.” Note well: no provision. Some Christians haven’t truly “shut the door” on sin in their minds and hearts. We’re not talking about still being tempted (everyone is), but about not being totally committed to resisting sin and walking in the Spirit. Some part of their inner person still longs for the ways of the world. As long as this “door” remains open, the heart will not be fully devoted to God, spiritual growth is hindered, and kingdom service is limited. Apostasy becomes a good possibility.

Living the Christian life is difficult enough. Shut the door on sin. Don’t live on the edge. You just might fall off.

><> Jeff

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