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Not Closed or Cancelled

In the early days of this corona virus pandemic, we all saw meeting after meeting, event after event cancelled. Schools closed. Businesses closed. We even decided to suspend our own meeting together until the worst had passed. But in all of these shutterings, we need to keep perspective that God is still OPEN!

Paul was imprisoned when he wrote his second letter to Timothy, but he reminded him that “the word of God is not imprisoned.” (Some versions have chained or bound.) God Himself and the many needful elements of our spiritual lives are never bound, cancelled or closed. God has made sure of that!

•God is still Sovereign over the affairs of mankind

•Jesus is still Lord, our Intercessor and Advocate

•The Holy Spirit still leads and strengthens us

•Prayer is not cancelled

•The Bible is not closed (unless you keep it closed)

•Faith is not cancelled

•Hope is not cancelled

•Love is not cancelled

•Praise is not cancelled

•Rejoicing is not cancelled

•The Gospel still has the power to save

•Eternal life is still being offered

•Baptism is still available

•The promises of God are not cancelled

•Jesus’ return has not been cancelled

In situations like this, it is easy to take our eyes off the Lord and start dwelling on the threat and the disruptions of our normal life. We need to lift up our eyes and stay focused upon our God who is with us in this trial, and who will be the One to bring us through it.

“Had it not been the Lord who was on our side...” - Psalm 124.

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