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Open Book Test

            When I was in college (back in the day), before there were cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. (goodness, how did we do it?!), we actually had books and in-person lectures.  Anyway, occasionally a professor would give an “open book” exam.  Now that might sound like an easy exercise, but they were anything but easy.  The professor would always pull together all the material in those chapters so you were frantically searching for answers and trying to write them down in your “blue book.”  It was work and a work out!  But one thing you could never complain about - you always knew from where the test questions would come.  There were no surprises.

            So it will be when we stand before the Lord on the day of judgment.  There will be no surprises.  That is, Jesus has told us exactly by what criteria we will be judged: “the word I spoke is what will judge him at the last day.”  His word, of course, and the additional teaching of the Holy Spirit who was sent later by Jesus (John 14:26) have been set down for us in the scriptures, particularly the New Testament.  They are available in this day and age throughout the world for all people to read, study and follow.

            The writers of the New Testament pick up Jesus’ theme and exhort their readers to learn the word of Christ and follow His teaching in life.  They warn repeatedly of following myths, fables and teachings of men.  They caution against falling into the trap of believing the lies of the devil.  The only way to avoid these pitfalls is to know the word and apply it faithfully.  The only way to know the word is to read it, learn it, interpret it correctly and receive its teaching.

            One of the most important teachings of Jesus’ word is that because of the devil’s lies, the human race is lost and cut off from God, and that Jesus has come to provide us a way back.  His word is truly about understanding the realities of life and finding the way home to our Creator, our heavenly Father.  His teachings provide the way of salvation for the soul, peace for the mind, joy for the heart, and an abundant life.  It’s all we need for “life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3).

            Don’t be surprised on the last day.  It’s an open book exam.

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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