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Poor Me

“...It seems like this morning has just dragged by. It sure would be nice to hear from somebody.

I can’t remember the last time somebody called me.

I wonder how Mrs Sezalot is doing?

I remember that Mr Grouchester was going to have that operation. I wonder if he did?

How are Sam and Nellie doing? Is he still working? I wonder how their kids are doing?

It sure is quiet around here.

Nobody has texted me since I don’t know when.

There’s the phone! Oh, “out of area.” Just another robocall.

What will I fix for lunch? That reminds me - I wonder if anybody knows if the bakery is still open?

I wonder how Mollie is getting along? She was having a lot of trouble with her arthritis.

...It sure would be nice to hear from somebody.”

It’s easy to fall into this trap. We have the tendency to be self-centered rather than “other-centered.” It’s a product of sin. We like for people to cater to us. We like to focus upon ourselves.

Jesus came to correct our sinful ways of living and selfish ways of looking at life and other people. He said, “...the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Understanding that Jesus is God being a man, we can get great insight into what love is, for God is love.

Jesus sets the bar high for loving and serving others. He left the glorious fellowship of the godhead to come and minister to all humanity. He saw our peril and came to rescue us. He walked among us throughout Galilee and Judea healing, comforting, teaching, guiding, correcting - blessing people as they had need.

As Jesus’ disciples, we Christians are to follow in His steps. Love doesn’t wait for something to happen. Love makes it happen!

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