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God is deserving of praise, and it is a good thing for the children of men to praise the Lord. Such do the scriptures teach.

What, though, is the source of praise, the reason behind it? Is the praise of God something which we turn on and off like we do a CD or APP with hymns on it? When worshipers come together as God’s people, do they enter some kind of “worship zone” in which they begin to think about the Almighty and are moved to praise Him? What are the dynamics of God-honoring praise?

Basically, two things are a must for appropriate praise for God. The first resides with the person of God. As one reads through Psalm 145, this first element of praise rises majestically from the text - the praiseworthiness of God! The glorious splendor and greatness of God are evident. His wondrous deeds done among mankind are well known. His character as a gracious and merciful Sovereign who maintains steadfast love toward His children is readily seen. His care for His creation and those in special circumstances of need are also well known. This is a God deserving of praise.

The second element needed for this praise is the worshiper who has observed all of these things about God and even meditated on them (v 5). He is overwhelmed by the greatness of God. He is so moved by God’s majestic splendor that praise flows from his heart on a daily basis (v 2)! He sees the works of God in creation and knows those revealed in scripture. And He sees the hand of God moving in his own life and in those around him. He must even praise God “forever and ever.”

When the church assembles, the true worshipers are not waiting for some song to stir their hearts, or for some word of prayer to move them, or some thought of the preacher to excite them. They are already moved by the greatness and majesty of God for He has blessed them all week, and they have seen Him at work in the lives of others. They are more than ready to join with their brothers and sisters in the assembly to give praise to their God.

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