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Refocus Update

Ephesians 5:15-17

At our last refocus meeting, we had much to think over and discuss from previous meetings and from all the suggestions from the congregation. The following items are those which we decided to do at the present time. There are others still under consideration.

Card Connection - This is nothing really new. The time may change based upon the weather and the seasons. Please see the bulletin note about the Card Connection scheduled for this month.

Congregation Luncheon - Again, this is not something new, but has been a frequent request. We have secured the Shadyside Community Center on December 11 for our next luncheon.

Lord’s Day Assembly Modification - Every other month, we want to use one Lord’s Day assembly to allow our brothers to make more use of their spiritual gifts and gain more experience in leadership. You may remember we used to have the prayer assembly and the song & scripture service. We want to continue these, but also have videos with associated teaching, and perhaps short talks.

Mid-Week Fellowship - On two Wednesday evenings a month, we plan to have a fellowship get-together. Though not a formal Bible study, this is a chance to ask questions, share insights and apply scripture to things from Bible subjects to items in the news which are affecting our lives. This will be opportunity for mutual edification and encouragement. We plan to schedule this for 6:30pm.

We want to thank everyone in the congregation for your suggestions and for your prayers. Please continue to entreat the Lord as we move forward in doing His will and striving to be pleasing to Him in the things which we do.

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