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The Clothes Hamper

Well, this must be a cutting edge article you’re thinking. What can we possibly learn from a clothes hamper? Let me explain.

We have a clothes hamper in our bedroom. It fills up with dirty clothes on a regular basis, pretty much every week. And I am one of the main contributors to that. But always, always, when it begins to get full and overflow with dirty shirts and socks, something marvelous happens. All the clothes disappear! And in a day or two, they reappear all clean, neatly folded and ready to be put away. All this, of course, is the doing of my wonderful wife Shirley. Never once do I say anything to her about doing the laundry. (By the way, I do put my clothes away in the drawers!)

Now please don’t get the wrong idea that I think she was put on earth just to take care of me. She wasn’t. Nor was I put on the earth just to take care of her. However, we did agree to be companions in life and to take care of each other. And that is what we do - day in and day out; week in and week out; year after year. Meals, cleaning, trash, lawn care, snow removal, grocery shopping, auto maintenance, banking, house repairs, et al - we do for each other. We also pray together, read and discuss scripture together, encourage one another, support one another emotionally, look out for each other’s health needs, etc. We are two acting as one.

Such is God’s design for husbands and wives. Do we do it perfectly? Of course not. But we’ve learned through the years, and we get it right more often than not. Every now and then, couples should sit down, face to face, and talk heart to heart. Perhaps on your anniversary? An especially good opportunity is after you’ve had a pretty severe “bump in your road.” But the main theme of this sit down is: “Have I been true to you as I said I would?” All of those “little things” done which go virtually unnoticed would stand as silent markers along side of the major problems you’ve overcome together to testify that “I have kept my word to you because I love you.”

Do you have a clothes hamper?

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