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The Cross Was the End

We hear sermons and read articles that the cross was not the end of Jesus. Jesus’

adversaries among the Jewish religious rulers thought they had dealt decisively

with this trouble maker. Pilate was just thankful to be rid of a potential disruptor

of the peace. The devil danced with pompous glee. But the first day of the week

dawned with the tomb empty - Jesus was alive again! Victory was His!

Yet, the cross was the end of many things. Lest we forget, the victory was won at

the cross. The empty tomb was the proof.

At the cross, Jesus brought an end to sin. Yes, I know that we all still sin, but

Jesus had broken the power of sin. As the “last Adam,” Jesus lived a life without

sin, rendering to God what no human being had ever done before - perfect

obedience. Thus, He could become the propitiation, the sacrifice, the Lamb of

God on the cross to take away the sin of the world. Now, in and through the blood

of Christ, people can be forgiven of all their sins and be brought into a right

relationship with God. Through faith, repentance and baptism into Christ, this is

now possible (Romans 6:1-11).

The cross was the end of law as the standard for determining our eternal destiny.

Jesus had kept God’s law perfectly and so overcame sin. Now in Him, we have

His righteousness (perfection) and stand justified before God. Our task is to listen

to His word and follow Him with complete devotion.

The cross was also the end of death. Yes, I know that everybody still dies, but

Jesus had broken the power of death and had returned from Hades (Revelation

1:17-18). His promise to all mankind is that in Him you can live again, and in fact

have life eternal! It is His gift to us.

The cross was the end of the devil’s reign on earth. Yes, he’s still our there setting

traps and sniping at us, but he’s been whipped. Jesus now has all authority over all

things. He is Lord and King.

Through the cross, Jesus gained victory over all things which were in opposition

to humanity. Thank you, Jesus, for your cross!

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