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The Devil's "Beatitudes"

The scriptures paint deep contrasts between the devil and his domain and the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom. We find such descriptions as darkness and light, evil and good, wickedness and righteousness, death and life, etc. The differences are extreme. To illustrate, let’s imagine that the devil were to present us with his “beatitudes.” Perhaps they would read something like these:

> Blessed are the proud and haughty, for they will help enlarge the borders of darkness and death.

> Blessed are those who laugh at and ignore all the troubles and grief caused by sin, for they will find no comfort themselves.

> Blessed are the stubborn and hard-hearted, for they will come away from life empty-handed.

> Blessed are they who lust after and grasp for wickedness, for they will get exactly what they want.

> Blessed are the unmerciful, for they will find no mercy.

> Blessed are those with vile and divided hearts, for they will not see God nor what He has promised for those who love Him.

> Blessed are the trouble makers, for they will be called sons of the devil.

> Blessed are those who abuse and hurt others, for their end will be blackness and destruction.

Quite a contrast, don’t you think?


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