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The Fellowship of God

“Pronouns” by Karle Wilson Baker

The Lord said,

“Say, ‘We.’”

But I shook my head,

Hid my hands tight behind my back and said,


The Lord said,

“Say, ‘We.’”

But I looked upon them, grimy and all awry.

Myself in all those twisted shapes? Ah, no!

Distastefully I turned my head away,



The Lord,

“Say, ‘We.’”

And I

At last,

Richer by a hoard

Of years,

And tears,

Looked in their eyes and found the heavy word

That bent my neck and bowed my head:

Like a shamed schoolboy then I mumbled low,

“We, Lord.”

Not “My God” but “Our Father.”

John is near breathless as he speaks of the fellowship into which Christians have been called. Community, family, brotherhood, church - members of the body of Christ. Members of Him and therefore members of one another! We are all of One. Remember.

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