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The Word of the Lord

‘Tis the season for political talk (Does it ever end?!). “Vote for me; I’m the better candidate.” “Look at my record.” “My plan is to do this.” “My administration did that.” “My opponent failed.” “My opponent flip-flops.” “Blah, blah...” “Yak, yak...” Whose words can you believe? A voter must sort it all out.

We should be ever grateful that the Word of the Lord is not like the words of men. By this I’m not speaking of the fact that the Scriptures have been preserved for us down through time, although this is a strong indication that these are the words of God. We are talking about the meaning of those words written on the pages of God’s book, the truths conveyed by those words.

“Your word is truth.” Jesus affirmed. We take for granted that people speak the truth. We rely upon that. Suppose this happened to you: “I know I told you the time was 8:00, but we started at 7:00. Sorry.” What about?: “I know our ad said it’s $14.99, but it’s really $34.99. Sorry.” We can rely upon God’s word being true because it comes from God who cannot lie. It is totally reassuring to know that whether we are reading about historical events, creation, Noah, sin, salvation, Jesus, judgment, forgiveness, et al ... that it’s true! We can absolutely count on it!

Listen to these words from David (Psalm 12:6-7): “The words of the Lord are pure words; as silver tried in a furnace on the earth, refined seven times. You, O Lord, will keep them; You will preserve him from this generation forever.” The absolute truthfulness of God’s words are affirmed by David. It is clean of any falsehood or deceptiveness. It is perfect in what it intends to say.

With this word of the Lord having been written thousands of years ago, it is vital for us today to know this: “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” (Isaiah 40:6-8) It is as true today as it was when God first spoke it, and when it was first written down. It is still true. It will be true for every generation of mankind. It will never change. Amen!

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