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Tomorrow is one of our favorite days. Tomorrow offers new hope and freedom from the disappointments of today. Tomorrow is a “clean slate,” a “fresh start,” a “new day.” Tomorrow has nearly endless possibilities. Tomorrow, so much will be accomplished.

Hove you ever reflected, however, that you never do anything tomorrow? It’s impossible! Someone has observed: “It is noteworthy that whenever the Future comes, it is always wearing Today’s clothes.” How many tomorrows have turned into todays, and still nothing was accomplished? Tomorrow becomes the escape from the responsibilities of today.

The apostle Paul knew the need to act “today,” in the present moment, while there was time and opportunity. He quotes Isaiah who speaks of God’s seizing a favorable time to bring salvation to Israel. The Corinthians had to “get off of square one” and decide if they were going to believe Paul and follow his teaching. He states that for them “now is ‘the acceptable time,’ behold, now is ‘the day of salvation’.” They had all of the information they needed, and the body of Christ in Corinth had to choose to whom they were going to listen. Any more delay would prove disastrous.

Joshua (24:15) was also aware of the need to act in the now and not put off doing important things. As the Lord had prospered Israel in driving out the inhabitants of Canaan and helping them settle in their new home, Joshua issues a final challenge to the people: “...choose for yourselves today whom you will serve...” They needed to make a definite decision as to whether they would whole-heartedly serve the Lord God, the gods of the Amorites, or those whom their fore-fathers had served long before. They needed to choose “today.”

What do you need to do today? Yesterday you said you’d do it tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here. Putting it off only makes it more difficult. It also gives Satan more time to work against you. Now is the acceptable time. Ask God for help, and do it!

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