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Using Your Time

While I was cleaning out some old files, I ran across this article which I wrote a good while back. Although it was not dated, I am sure it was from the 1990's. Little has changed; in fact, things have probably gotten worse!

I saw a strange sight the other morning while I was on my exercise walk. Well, maybe it isn’t such a strange sight these days, but it struck a chord in my mind. A lady stopped her car at a stop sign. A young girl in the passenger seat was busily eating. She wasn’t eating a snack food; she had a spoon and was eating something out of a bowl. Since this was around 8:00am, I assume it was her breakfast. The thought came home to me: “Is this what life has become?”

Every segment of society screams for your time. At work, the boss always wants a little bit more of your day. Volunteers are always needed to help with children’s organizations. Phone solicitors call you at home, even on Sundays now. Sale papers tell you to “Hurry” or you’ll miss out–“Limited Quantities.” We have so much packed into our days that we don’t have time for what truly counts: our families and our Savior.

Wherein lies the fault for this great demand on our time? Well, you can slice it twenty ways, but the fault is ours. We have bought society’s pitch that REAL LIVING is when you and your kids are involved in EVERYTHING, and that a person can’t possibly be happy or fulfilled (or normal?) by STAYING HOME and ENJOYING YOUR FAMILY or HELPING SOMEONE ELSE.

Cut those cords! Say “NO!” “ not be conformed to this world...” - Romans 12:2. I’ve read that the basic meaning of this phrase is not to be pressed into a mold like the world. Doesn’t that just irk you a little that Satan is trying to squeeze you into another little figure he can put on his shelf?

Are you eating breakfast in the car?


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