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We and the World

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

“We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.”

So wrote the apostle John. It is still true today for the world in which we live. There are two kingdoms with two rulers; two systems with very differing approaches to life. Satan holds sway over the world, that is all those who reject the lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus, although He is Lord over all, rules in His kingdom over those who accept Him as Master of their lives and serve Him willingly. The contrast is indeed like night and day.

We Christians wonder at the evil which permeates the world around us and continues to grow worse. This should not surprise us as statistics show that more and more people are turning from Christ Jesus, indeed all religions. This opens the door for the evil one and his destructive ways. Fueled by selfishness, greed and lusts of all sorts, men and women indulge themselves in whatever seems to suit them at the time. This could be seemingly “small” things: neglecting one’s wife and family in favor of fishing trips and video gaming; gossiping on social media; getting drunk every Friday night; turning one’s back on somebody in need. It could be a “big” thing: cheating on one’s spouse; a drive by shooting; human trafficking; using illicit drugs; aborting one’s child. All of these things happen when Satan rules in the hearts of people, and they all bring harm and destroy lives and relationships.

In the kingdom of God’s beloved Son, things work differently. Fueled by love and with a desire to please the Lord Jesus, Christians care for their spouses and rear their children in the ways of God. They forgive when hurt, admit their wrongs and help those in need. Their words are truthful and uplifting, and they speak often of their Lord. Jesus is at the center of their lives for He has saved them from their sins and will be giving them eternal life on the last day.

Two kingdoms. Two rulers. Which one is yours?

><> Jeff

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