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We Get to Choose

Jesus is quite plain about it: “No servant can serve two masters...” He says it’s an “either-or” situation. It’s love versus hate; devotion versus despising. No in between. No part time. No straddling the fence. No back and forth.

But here is the blessed gift from God: He let’s us choose! We have been given the free will to make these life choices, and He informs us of the blessings and consequences for our choices. So how well have you been choosing? What is it for you?

Honor God or favor the world?

Seek the truth or accept the lies?

Do what’s right or practice what’s wrong?

Love others or act selfishly?

Pursue righteousness or engage in unrighteousness?

Be diligent or act carelessly?

Give or take?

Follow the Word or listen to your heart?

Obey the Lord or follow the devil?

Share the gospel or keep it to yourself?

Desire the good or crave the evil?

Work hard or hardly work?

Walk in the Spirit or indulge the flesh?

Resist the temptation or give in to the urge?

Forgive or hold the grudge?

Worship God alone or keep some idols in your heart?

Tend to your soul or build bigger barns?

Humble yourself or strut your stuff?

Speak wisely or just talk a lot?

Love the Lord your God with your whole being or not?

Serve Jesus or do what you want?

Take these exhortations to heart or ignore them?

><> Jeff

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