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We Have Found Him

Updated: Jan 24

            A lone traveler was moving rapidly along the dusty road.  It was obvious that his mission was urgent for he was half running and half walking, passing by all others who were going in his direction, even those riding donkeys.  His greetings were short, if they came at all, as he brushed by others on the road.

            Andrew was hurrying to find his brother Simon.  His heart was pounding, his throat was dry, and his body wet from sweat; but he wasn’t about to stop for rest or water.  This was a day about which they had both talked and imagined.  It was a day for which Israel had dreamed for hundreds of years.  The dream had become reality.  The Messiah was here, on earth - in their lifetime!

            Andrew burst into the house panting.  “Simon!  Simon! We’ve found Messiah!”

            “Found who?” replied Simon who was standing in the middle of the room eating a piece of fish.  “Is something wrong?  You look terrible.  Here, have some water.”

            “No, nothing’s wrong.  In fact, everything’s right,” shot back Andrew between gulps of water.  “We’ve found Him!”

            “Found who?”


            “Really?  And I hauled two boat loads of fish while you were away.  Has the sun finally baked your brain?”

            “No, truly.  John the baptizer has witnessed to us.  He saw the Spirit of God descend upon Him when he baptized Him.”  Andrew was still breathing heavily as he talked.

            Simon paused for a moment.  “What’s his name?”

            “It’s Jesus.  Of Nazareth.”

            “Are you sure about all this?” Simon’s voice took on a more serious tone.

            “Yes.  Yes, I am.  Come with me.  We know where He is staying, and He’s invited us to come.”

            “Very well.  Let’s go.  You can introduce me to this Jesus of Nazareth.  We’ll see if He has anything worthwhile to say.”

                                                            ><>  Jeff

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