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Written For Our Instruction

Romans 15:4

The individuals whom we encounter on the pages of the Bible learned about life, about themselves and especially about God. If they had written books in today’s “self-help” style what might they have wanted to tell their readers? We offer our own tongue-in-cheek conjectures as to what they might have penned.

“How to Run from God and Live to Tell About It” - by Jonah

“Fasting Made Simple” - by Moses

“Handling Sibling Rivalry” - by Joseph

“Getting to the Top the Hard Way” - by Joseph

“Church Work Made Easy” - by Paul

“Resolving Family Problems” - by Abraham

“Getting the Last Laugh and Other Old Wives’ Secrets” - by Sarah

“Knowing What to Say and When to Say It” - by Peter

“Seven Keys to Expert Conniving” - by Jacob

“Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” - by David

“How to Have It All and Lose Everything” - by Solomon

“How to Lose Everything and Still Have It All” - by Paul

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