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Written For Our Instruction

The individuals whom we encounter on the pages of the Bible learned about life, about themselves and especially about God. If they had written books in today’s “self-help” style what might they have wanted to tell their readers? We offer our own tongue-in-cheek conjectures as to what they might have penned.

“How to Run from God and Live to Tell About It” - by Jonah

“Fasting Made Simple” - by Moses

“Handling Sibling Rivalry” - by Joseph

“Getting to the Top the Hard Way” - by Joseph

“Church Work Made Easy” - by Paul

“Resolving Family Problems” - by Abraham

“Getting the Last Laugh and Other Old Wives’ Secrets” - by Sarah

“Knowing What to Say and When to Say It” - by Peter

“Seven Keys to Expert Conniving” - by Jacob

“Power Corrupts & Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” - by David

“How to Have It All and Lose Everything” - by Solomon

“How to Lose Everything and Still Have It All” - by Paul

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