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You Might Be a Christian If...

Jesus taught that to be His disciple would demand great

change in a person’s life. He said there must be self-denial and a

daily crucifixion of one’s self in order to follow Him. A person

would need to lose his own life for Jesus’ sake in order to save it.

What would such a life look like? Considering Jesus’ own

life and teachings, let us take some snapshots of the life of a

disciple of Christ. You might be a Christian if... spend a great deal of time in prayer with your heavenly

Father keep your word without fail are attentive to the needs of those who are sick give generously to support the work of the kingdom know the word of God, and it is your guide in life have absolute trust in your heavenly Father provide for the needs of orphans and the poor are a comforter of the grieving are an encourager to the weak and the strugglers fight hard against temptations to sin

...lies, complaints and cutting remarks die on your tongue

...your greatest love is God

...your life’s goal is the kingdom of heaven look forward to the weekly assembly

...the world’s treasures no longer satisfy you have sought reconciliation when you have hurt another have learned to be a servant seek ways to help out in the congregation for others is the watchword in all you do take an interest in your brothers and sisters in the church tell people about the Lord and His kingdom when you can

What about you?

><> Jeff

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