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September 2020


9/27 - In the Beginning, God...

The beginning of any organization or undertaking establishes its goals and purposes. So it was when God set out in the beginning to create the earth, its universe and all that was on the planet. He was purposeful and intentional in creation. And beyond this, what God did was and is a direct reflection of His power, wisdom and character - His love, orderliness, joy, beauty. What a marvelous creation God has given to us!

9/20 - Glory of the Ordinary

Sometimes we hear people talk about the sacred and the secular, the religious and the ordinary. Such terms may be useful in some settings, but what does the word of God teach? When Jesus was making tables and axe handles, did He consider it just ordinary work? When Christians are admonished that whatever they do or say is to be done in the name of the Lord, would that leave room for anything to be considered as "ordinary"? We should all be encouraged to know that whether a Christian is preparing a meal or teaching a Bible class, it is done to the glory of God.

9/13 - Strange, Alien Beings

Do you believe in aliens? The Bible affirms that there are such creatures. In fact, they are crawling all over the place! And they do some very strange things. Jesus affirms that Christians are not of this world. Paul says that the Christian's citizenship is in heaven. Christians love Someone they have never seen, they love their enemies, and they expect to live even after they die. There is more! Strange, alien beings these Christians. Someday, they will really be "out of this world."

9/6 - I am a Child of God

The Holy Spirit through the Word exhorts us to grow and mature in Christ, yet He reminds us that we are also children of God. While on the earth, even Jesus called God His Father. The fatherhood of God precedes human fatherhood as He created us in His image and brought us into existence. How does our heavenly Father care for His children? Are you a child of God?

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