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Faith that is Alive!

James 2:14-26

James is quite adamant in his assessment of faith. It is no private matter simply between a person and God, but faith is to be seen publicly in the actions of the one who has faith. Faith is perfected when a person’s works fall into line with what he or she believes. A faith which does not manifest itself in a life of good deeds is ruled by James as being “dead” just as the body without the spirit is dead. So, what does a faith that is alive look like?

  • Repentance is faith turning.

  • Confessing Christ is faith acknowledging.

  • Singing is faith praising.

  • Resisting temptation is faith fighting.

  • Praying is faith asking.

  • Forgiving is faith remembering no more.

  • Preaching is faith proclaiming.

  • Teaching is faith instructing.

  • Visiting is faith going.

  • Giving is faith sacrificing.

  • Keeping one’s word is faith honoring.

  • Partaking of the Lord’s Supper is faith remembering.

  • Offering encouragement is faith caring.

  • Assembling with the saints is faith fellowshipping.

  • Worshiping is faith reverencing.

  • Enduring adversity is faith persevering.

  • Studying the scriptures is faith learning.

  • Confessing sin is faith admitting.

  • Providing help is faith loving.

  • Keeping Christ’s words is faith obeying.

  • Being baptized is faith submitting.

  • Grieving with hope is faith trusting.

  • Walking in the Spirit is faith living.

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