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Fingerprints of God

Romans 2:14-16

If there is a God, one would expect to find evidence for His existence infused into the world. His fingerprints would be everywhere on creation. This is precisely what we find. From the irreducible complexity of various micro-organisms, to the many finely tuned parameters which make Earth a habitable planet; from the orderly functioning of the natural world to the beauty and genius of the design of numerous human and animal systems - the hand of God is everywhere. Of course, those given to atheistic naturalism seek to explain such things by various theories associated with the pure chance mutations of natural selection as posited by Darwin.

However, God has not simply left His mark on those aspects of the world which can be seen and measured, but also on things which we experience internally. Let’s consider morality. The evolutionist position is “survival of the fittest.” The biggest, strongest, most cunning gets the meat, the watering hole and the high ground. The weak lose out, suffer and ultimately die off.

But such a view of things does not square with what we “know” internally. Whether atheist or believer, we all have some commonly held views on what is right and what is wrong. Consider:

Is it ever right to kidnap children and press them into sexual slavery?

Is it ever right to indiscriminately begin machine gunning people in a crowded mall?

Is it ever right to beat a two-year-old to death for crying?

Is it ever right to torture someone just to watch them suffer?

Was it right for Hitler to try to exterminate the Jewish people?

There are some things which we just “know” innately that are wrong. From where does this come? Paul writes of the Gentiles who did not have the law: “...they show the work of the Law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness...” God’s hand is everywhere in His creation. God’s fingerprint is on you!

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